Bug Book Club: Eat the Beetles!

Intro & Pt. 1: I Call your name

Our very first book is about a hot, up and coming topic, in the entomology world; edible insects AKA Entomophagy. Just from the title “Eat the Beetles” my first impression is that this book focuses on entomocentric, a term coined and used here, beetle cuisine. Immediately in the intro, that idea gets shut down. David Waltner-Toews, author of “Eat the Beetles”, let’s us know that this book is digging deep into WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY entomophagy. Different from many other entomophagy related books that I’ve read thus far, the author is here to ask questions first and THEN inform. From my experience, most entomocentric books mainly inform and ask few questions. There are plenty of books to sort through that are on my “read me” list, but so far, I’m diggin’ where this book is heading.

My favorite part, so far, has to be that he’s already explained why he’s chosen the title of the book! I’ll let you read to learn. Hint: it has to do with the Beatles. My second favorite part is definitely that this book doesn’t have traditional chapters.

In part 1 - I Call Your Name, we get more information than questions. Most entomology books marketed towards non-entomologists , will always lean on this step. It’s crucial. Diving into the world of entomology without the basic deets is a recipe for doubt. So, thank you for that David.

You can expect to read about what makes an insect, what’s so special about them, as well as what they relate to; the simple things.

One new term that’s introduced is “Geoentomarian” on page 14. Known as someone who deliberately eats insects for the sake of the world. Which, in my opinion, is dope. I’m definitely a geoentomarian. I also love words, but some may not. All you have to remember, is that this book is about edible insects and any word containing ent or ento is insect related. Break the rest down later.

Aaaand low and behold, that’s really it folks. The intro and Pt. 1 “I call your name” are pretty short lived. I love it. Get to know insects on the basic level that’s needed before delving deep into entomophagy and learn a new word all in the intro and one short section.

Thanks for joining and stay EnTune for our next bug book club review.


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