Bug Book Club WELCOME!

WELCOME! It’s our first time meeting and our very first book club gathering. I think a brief intro of who you’re trusting to inform you about all things insects is much needed. My name is JaV’on (zhuh-von) and I live for insects. Just like insects, I go by many names: JaV’on, Vonnroach, Von Don Megatron, Vonn… you get the gist. Vonnroach works well here. I’m a lifelong entomologist. Having graduated Iowa State University with a bachelors, I now p

ursue a career in entomophagy (the consumption of insects). I am by no means a professional writer. I’m just

here to keep it real about insects and take you on a journey to discover all things entomology and entomophagy. I’m your BugBae with insect insight.

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