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Several Entomological Reads for the Everyday Person

October 23, 2017

There's always something to learn from insects. On the contrary there's always something to learn about them. It's a shame that we can't all attend an entomological course that goes into detail about the Biology of an insect. Really, who wants to? Entomology doesn't always pertain to us. 


Throughout my life as an entomologist, I've discovered books that I think the world should  know about, or at least find interest in.  Books that pertain to the vast majority. Some are intriguing with stories while others expose truths about ourselves. If you have access to the internet, you have access to the following, potentially life altering, books.  You're welcome. 


Edible by Daniella Martin


     My life purpose became very clear after reading this book. It's about Daniella, exploring the world of edible insects. Mind you, she has an allergy to shellfish. Throughout the book, Daniella tells us about her experience with cooking, eating, and farming insects. She drops a lot of gems as to why Entomophagy (the human consumption of insects) makes sense. This book is great for someone on a healthy kick; and who isn't?  It's an easy read, never gets dull, has mind blowing statistics, and gets you one step closer to being as sustainable as you say you want to be. A book simply meant for change. 





Memoirs of Black Entomologists by Eric W. Riddick, M. Samuel Foo, W. Bryan, & A. Simmons


      This book means a lot to me, as a black entomologist myself.  I opened this book expecting to be enlightened about contributions in the past made by black entomologist.  I got that plus a list of living black people that love insects just as much as me and their life experiences to get where they are today. It's comforting being able to relate to multiple stories in this autobiography. There's nothing like feeling you're the only one struggling to reach a dream, only to find out others like you have done it and succeeded. We're not alone. 

      This book is great for everyone. If you're remotely insterested in what black people can do, and have done, don't forget about the Entomologists!





Maggots, Murder, and Men by Dr. Z


      One of my all time favorite books I immediately purchased for the Forensic Entomology course at ISU. This book has stories galore.  Not just any stories either; real ones. I don't do fiction. This book was written by Forensic Entomologist Dr. Z and features numerous cases he's witnessed and worked on. The way he describes each story in detail makes you feel like your on set with Grissom on Los Vegas CSI. It's not for the faint of heart but is perfect for someone who doesn't like following a main story line.  Need a convenient switch up to keep your read spicy? A book that involves solving real life murders and homicides, with the help of insects, could never disappoint. 




                                    Thanks for reading. Photos courtesy of google images. This blog is not sponsored. 






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